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AuditOps is your go-to team for maintaining and improving your organization's AWS security posture. We take security & compliance work off your DevOps team's plate allowing them to focus on moving your business forward.

Powerful technology backed by expert auditors


AuditOps process

Investigate your cloud security posture and make a plan for remediation with AuditOps streamlined technology

AuditOps helps you work with engineering teams to have meaningful discussions about cloud security risk mitigation

Maintain high security standards as your company grows and innovates in the cloud

Vendor assessments

Get a one-time report from AuditOps to get an inside look at your vendors’ cloud configurations

Confirm that your data is safe prior to sharing sensitive information with vendors

Reduce your third-party security risk by helping vendors improve their cloud security

Integrated services, no matter your budget

Pricing plan

Get the right service at the right price, based on your business’ needs. AuditOps offers recurring subscriptions or a one-time scan.

Monthly scans, starting at
Month per cloud account
For teams who want to take control of their 
cloud security by adding cloud auditing 
experts to their repertoire
Monthly AuditOps report
Support and guidance for remediation
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Quarterly scans, starting at
Quarter per cloud account
For teams who want to add a cloud auditing 
expert to their internal audit teams
Quarterly AuditOps report
Support and guidance for remediation
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One-time scan, starting at
Per cloud account
For teams who need a cloud auditing expert 
support for specific projects
Detailed AuditOps report
Defined support and guidance for remediation
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We make auditing your cloud configurations easy

The good kind of auditors

AuditOps was founded by former Big 4 IT Auditors with one big idea: Evidence collection is the most painful part of any audit. With that as our guiding principle, we have built all of our processes to eliminate the pain of manual evidence collection and put audit teams back in the driver’s seat. We’ll help your team feel like experts of your cloud environment and help ensure the proper controls are being put in place.

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Frequently asked questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What does AuditOps deliver?

After we finish our automated evidence collection, AuditOps delivers a custom report that explains our findings and any recommended remediation.

How is AuditOps different from competitors?

We’re more than just software, we’re real people. We offer a managed service because as fellow auditors, we know that software alone cannot solve the problem.
Experienced auditors - our founders both worked for the Big 4 and know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

How does the AuditOps process work?

Step 1: We are granted limited access to your cloud environment where we can only see your configuration settings, but cannot see any real data.
Step 2: We use our automated evidence gathering to collect all the information we need. Saving you and your contacts in the engineering team time and money.
Step 3: We deliver a comprehensive audit report providing detailed findings and recommendations for improvement.

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